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Welcome to, home of DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Magazine and a vast selection of Document Manager products!

We are a leading source of wide format imaging products and services in the Southwestern United States. We´ve been large format scanner enthusiasts ever since our founder, Richard Stover, started Visicon, the first commercial large format scanner manufacturer in 1970. Our expertise in scanner repair and refurbishing is world renowned, and second to none. We service all major brands of wide-format scanners including Ana Tech, Colortrac, Contex, CalComp, GTCO, Graphtec, Hewlett Packard, Houston Instrument, Kip, Oce, Scangraphics, Tangent, Vidar, Xerox, and Widecom.

Our mission is to provide an uncomplicated and useful medium where visitors can source the information, products, and services that they need without being subject to annoying pop-ups or nonsensical trendy jargon. Our Latest News and Articles

Our site consists of five sections:


Document Management specializes in new and refurbished large format imaging equipment, including wide format scanners and printers. We also offer a wide variety of software, from scanner operating systems, editing & cleanup, indexing, CAD, R2V, change & revision control, modeling, rendering, animation - all the way up to enterprise document mangement solutions. We carry everything from the latest technology to hard to find parts and accessories. For great deals on new and refurbished equipment, be sure to check out our Latest Specials!


This area contains a wealth of useful information on the technologies and trends that have shaped our industry. For help and hints on making your large format imaging experience a pleasant one, see Old Zeke's invaluable TEC Tips. For the latest information on the technologies and trends of yesteryear, visit the Graveyard. For additional sourcing of products, services, and information, see our Links.


For over 20 years, Document Management has provided strategic planning, marketing, sales, system integration, and technical support to IS vendors, Fortune 1,000 companies, utilities, and state and local governments. These services are now available to everyone, including small businesses and end users.


Since 1987, the focus has been on useful information on the technologies and tools that affect the Engineering and Manufacturing industies, federal, state, and local governments, and utilities. Targeted toward decision makers from small to very large organizations, our coverage also includes Financial Services and Healthcare. For the latest articles, product announcements, industry news, and press releases, please visit our Articles section.

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Here you can find our Latest News, History, Contact Information, Press Submission Information, and our Policies.

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