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For over 20 years, Document Management has provided strategic planning, marketing, sales, system integration, and technical support to IS vendors, Fortune 2,000 companies, utilities, and state and local governments. These services are now available to everyone, including small businesses and end users. Call us at 480-502-2285 for a consultation on your unique requirements.

Support is our highest priority and has always been our primary business. We take great pride in our technical problem solving capabilites, and we've

got many years in the trenches to prove it. Some companies' strengths are in hardware troubleshooting, others are in software. Those are just two of our strengths. A third is understanding how the hardware and software interact with each other. Scanners and their software are one of our specialties. We service all major brands of large format scanners. We are the U.S. master support center for the WideCom product line. Our service department supports most popular models of large format printers as well. We also service every piece of equipment that we sell.
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